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A message of world peace through simulation media

Written by Dan Curry on Tuesday, 23 June 2009. Posted in Overview Institute, Overview Effect

Simulation has been a part of the human experience since our remote ancestors painted on the walls of caves to share the excitement of the hunt with those who could not be there.

Over the millennia our tools of expression have evolved to a level of sophistication that the term "virtual reality" is no longer hyperbole. Current technology allows us to communicate with the mass of humanity to share the Overview Effect.

This is especially important as a means to get people to understand how unique and precious our world is. Earth seen from space has no borders and no discernable countries.

Our terrestrial squabbles seem petty indeed in light of the vastness of the universe. The Institute's mission to promote greater space awareness can be an important factor in spreading world peace and helping humanity find its future among the stars.

The Overview Effect turns us into universal humans

Written by Barbara Marx Hubbard on Thursday, 28 May 2009. Posted in Overview Institute, Overview Effect

The Overview Effect is the single most important awareness needed to activate our capacity to respond to the unprecedented global crises and opportunities we face. From the perspective of space, we see, feel, and know ourselves to be members of one whole living system. Even more, subtly, we become "universal humans" ourselves. We shift in consciousness from simply responding to problems, toward cocreating our future.

The Overview Effect stimulates a sense of hope, awareness of our connectedness, and a love of our planet Earth as a whole. While tens of thousands of us may go into space in the next few decades, billions of us will shift in consciousness. The Overview Institute is the premier organization designed to focus on the effect on consciousness of being in space in every possible way, including through media, conferences, research, networking, simulation, art. It may indeed be the "tipping point" itself.

The Overview Effect and its message for us

Written by Frank White on Saturday, 16 May 2009. Posted in Overview Institute

The Overview Effect is a message from the universe to humanity. The message is that the Earth, when seen from orbit or the moon, is a whole system, where borders and boundaries disappear, and everything is interconnected. Our planet is a tiny spaceship in an enormous universe, which is itself a whole system, of which we are an important part.

This declaration of our intention to found the Overview Institute is also a "Declaration of Interdependence" with the Earth and with the cosmos. For us, it represents an understanding that we must now become Overviewers, those who have heard the message, want to understand it fully, and manifest its implications in our own lives.