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The Overview Institute and planetary unity

Written by Jeff Krukin on Wednesday, 24 June 2009. Posted in Overview Institute, Overview Effect

With all the challenges facing humanity, we know the likely response will be competition between nations, if not outright conflict. The Overview Effect has proven to be a perspective-transforming experience, leading people to clearly appreciate how deeply they are connected to all of humanity and our planet Earth.

It is vital that the Overview Effect be experienced and appreciated by people all across our planet, especially political leaders at the highest levels of national governments, and this is the mission of the Overview Institute. I strongly urge you to support this vision of a united and peaceful world that also benefits our belief in the importance of space exploration and settlement.

An epiphanic insight into ourselves

Written by David McConville on Wednesday, 24 June 2009. Posted in Overview Effect

Our world view - literally how we see the world with our senses - shapes our perception of reality and profoundly effects how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the Earth. The Earthrise photograph was transmitted around the globe after it being shot by the Apollo 8 crew before I was borne, but many alive at the time have claimed that this novel photographic view of the "whole Earth" intuitively communicated the fragility and isolation of our home planet.

Today, the need to both intellectually and emotionally understand the Earth as a interconnected system has never been greater. But the famous photographs from outer space that capture our planet in the visible spectrum tell only part of the story. To get a more comprehensive view of "whole Earth," we can now visualize flows and relationships beyond the scales of everyday perception of space and time. While astronauts have the rare opportunity the experience one version of the "Overview Effect," it immersive environments are beginning to further expand the overview experience to include insights into even more previously unseen phenomena. We are the first generation of humans to have the capabilities to visualize our impact as a global superorganism. Harnessed properly, these remarkable capabilities can serve to cultivate epiphanies of a different sort, helping us more fully appreciate the that we are not just (in the words of Buckminster Fuller) astronauts aboard Spaceship Earth, but a self-conscious species that is integral to a dynamic, living biosphere. This is a unique evolutionary capability, and the extent to which it is used to expand our collective imagination by reflecting on the interdependence of life on Earth will in large part determine the prospects of humanity's success. 

The Overview Effect and global awareness

Written by Carter Emmart on Thursday, 21 May 2009. Posted in Overview Effect

Who speaks for the Earth? Those who have experienced it by being able to put the picture together in their own heads by seeing it not as a diagram, but as the system it truly is. What the Earth actually looks like from space can now be constructed from full color, high resolution, global daily imaging by satellites.

Classrooms around the world with a computer, projector and Internet can now be networked to explore the evolving global image together, and do it with guidance by authorities wherever they may be. The question is whether common access to this perspective will forge a more integrated awareness of our condition and inspire action for better integrated stewardship.