About the Overview Effect

Web Link The Overview Effect on Wikipedia

A preliminary definition of the Overview Effect. We will be adding to it in the near future.

Web Link Global Dashboard: The Overview Effect

This is an interesting posting about the Overview Effect and the President's National Commission on Space report, published in 1986.

Web Link The Overview Effect (or Why I Love the Internet)

This blog posting relates the Overview Effect to the Internet in an interesting way.

Web Link Astrosociological Specializations 385
Web Link Space Exploration For Everyone; The Overview Effect

An excellent blog on space tourism and the Overview Effect

Web Link "Is Space Travel the Next Step in Human Evolution?"

Article in "The Daily Galaxy" covering the first Overview Effect conference


Web Link Overview Effect article in "Seed" Magazine 375
Web Link The healing power of the Overview Effect

A thoughtful article by Jeff Krukin, one of our Signatories.