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Web Link The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution

Using astronaut interviews, author Frank White describes how space exploration will bring a new perspective to the problems of life on Earth.

Web Link Claire Evans' Universe Q&A with Frank White

An interesting, in-depth interview by Claire Evans with Frank White, author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution.

Web Link The Space Show: 6/17/07 Interview: Frank White, David Beaver 428
Web Link The Healing Power of Space (aka “the Overview Effect”) by Jeff Krukin

An excellent essay by one of our Signatories, Jeff Krukin.

Web Link The Overview Effect Facebook Cause

By joining our Cause on Facebook, you can support the work of the Overview Institute and the dissemination of the Overview Effect.

Web Link The Space Show: 12/5/04 Interview: Frank White 366
Web Link NewSpace 2007 Conference


Link to NewSpace site, including information about “Overview Effect Day.”


Web Link The Space Show 5/23 Interview: Frank White 379
Web Link Space Travel, Tourism, and Exploration


Article on 2007 Washington, DC, conference


Web Link Frank White's World Policy Journal Blog

A blog entry by Frank White on the Overview Effect and faith, for an issue of the World Policy Journal on the topic of faith.

Web Link Wired Magazine coverage of our 2007 conference 396