References to the Overview Effect

Web Link Space Access 2008

This is a mention of The Overview Effect on a blog about home schooling.

Web Link Unexia Blog: The Overview Effect

A short, but thoughtful, meditation on how we can use the Overview Effect in our daily lives.

Web Link Prospero’s Books: Monomyth 350
Web Link One Giant Leap Foundation: Why Space?


Founded by David Livingston, who also hosts “The Space Show,” this website has a very compelling essay about why space exploration is important , and it includes a reference to the Overview Effect.


Web Link Space Tourism: Face Time with Earth


A good piece by Leonard David from 2005


Web Link "Beautiful Earth"

NASA site touting Bella Gaia and Kenji Williams

Web Link Stewart Brand and Whole Earth Buttons


A blog about Steward Brand and his campaign to have a picture taken of the Whole Earth. The Overview Effect is mentioned at some length.


Web Link The Global Philanthropy Project


A talk I gave in North Dakota on the "Virtuous Cycle of Giving" and global philanthropy. The Overview Effect is a part of it.


Web Link "If you believe they put a man on the Moon" 364
Web Link Quantum Epiphanies


This is a good discussion of whether the Overview Effect produces epiphanies or not.


Web Link Return to the Moon


Review of a book by the same title, edited by Rick Tumlinson, and including a chapter by Frank White


Web Link Astrological Musings


A good review of the Overview Effect that eventually links it with astrology


Web Link One of the first mentions of the Overview Effect: Poster Session at Space Studies Institute conference 370
Web Link Space Activism as an Epiphanic Belief System

A chapter on "space activism" that mentions the Overview Effect. Comes from an official NASA history

Web Link Briefing for debate coaches, includes references to Overview Effect 339
Web Link Overview Effect Frontline


An interesting site that bears a lot more examination!


Web Link Popular Mechanics: The Early Adopter's Guide to Space Travel 341
Web Link Remarks by Bill Clinton in 1997 at the White House Conference on Climate Change

President Clinton talks about the Overview Effect in relation to climate change.

Web Link Uniqueness Hypothesis 338
Web Link Juff Krukin chats with private astronaut Richard Garriott 342
Web Link NewSpace meets the FUD era 331
Web Link Will the "green" steamroller flatten NewSpace? 318
Web Link Universe Today: The Perspective-Altering Effect of Seeing Earth from Space

A review of the Overview Institute's work and the Overview documentary, along with a plethora of comments on the issue.

Web Link Had We Not Gone to the Moon... 334
Web Link The Daily Planet

This interesting article is a response to our December 7 premiere of the "Overview" film.

The author has long been interested in the Overview Effect.

Web Link Thoughtful Reflections by an Artist

A photographer response to the film, "Overview."

Web Link The Royal Institute on "Overview"

The RI Channel focuses on science. Here, they comment on the film "Overview."

Web Link Virginia and the Overview Effect

This is an interesting blog about "Overview" from a group far outside the space community.