Related Companies

Web Link StarPort Cafe

StarPort Cafe is a space simulation venue created by Overview Institute co-founder David Beaver, in partnership with Overview Group member Douglas Trumbull.  StarPort is designed to bring a taste of the Overview Effect and a greater awareness of the New Space Age to the general public.

Web Link Space Synapse

Space Synapse is a space simulation multimedia company developing media products across multiple platforms that will convey the space experience, with a special focus on the Overview Effect, to the public. Overview Institute co-founder Frank White is a Space Synapse consultant.

Web Link Planetary Collective
"Planetary Collective is a growing network of individuals and organizations devoted to exploring the big questions facing our planet at this point in time." In 2011, Planetary Collective filmed a short documentary on the Overview Effect. They interviewed three members of the Overview Institute; Frank White, David Beaver, Edgar Mitchell and four other astronauts. Due for fall 2012 release.