Related Nonprofits

Web Link Kepler Space Institute, where Frank’s course on the Overview Effect resides

We are looking for students for this course on the Overview Effect. Take a look.

Web Link Fragile Oasis

Fragile Oasis is a website initiated by astronaut Ron Garan that draws inspiration from "the orbital perspective" in a quest to make a positive impact on the Earth.

Web Link Space Frontier Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation was created in 1988 by a group of space community leaders dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible.

Web Link Space, Science and Spirituality

The first scientific study of the spiritual experiences of the astronauts. It is a joint project of The University of Centeral Florida, The University of Memphis and Humbolt University (Berlin), funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Principle Investigator is renound Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist, Shaun Gallagher. The Overview Institute is collaborating with the study and has provided materials from our Overview Effect research.